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Shine On and Stay is an integrated hospitality experience embedded in the local ecosystem and rooted in responsible business. When you stay with us, we invite you to open your eyes to what's around you, not only on-site but also in the surrounding area. 


Our rooms, restaurant and bar offer mindful amenities and services delivered by resources and talent found in and around Sierra Leone. Guests also have the opportunity to engage with the community through tourism activities, serving the local economy and supporting local partners. 

Discover the best of Sierra Leone

Koidu Town is nestled in the Kono District of Sierra Leone. The Kono District and Koidu Town have important significance within the historical narrative of Sierra Leone. The Kono people are the largest ethnic group in the region, and are primarily farmers and in some areas, alluvial diamond miners. They are hospitable, beautiful people who immigrated from Guinea as peaceful hunters over 300 years ago.

We take a design forward approach, illuminating the rich artistry and natural materials that exist within the country. Great care goes into each detail, from the lamp shades on the ceilings to the tiles on the bathroom floors. Rooms are simple yet elegant, furnished with fresh linens and eco-friendly local products where available. 

Our Rooms


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